Kristi Wachter - Who is she?

Monday, February 19, 2007

What are my choices?

Who cares! Kristi Wacher doesn't want you to have any. If she had her way, we'd all be in psychiatric treatment and get electric shock, if we needed it of course. (But don't worry, there would be government oversight, so we'd be safe.) And we'd be homeless but -- again, don't worry -- she'd pay us to rummage through garbage to get her "information" and she'd give us candy! But I digress; I was talking about choices. Well, in Kristi's world, there wouldn't be any. Not for you, anyway. No choice of religion, for example (but we'd be so whacked, we wouldn't notice). There'd be other problems, too, but again, the meds would be kicking in and . . .