Kristi Wachter - Who is she?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Most people

Kristi Wachter also said she thinks "most people have had psychiatric or psychological treatment." MOST PEOPLE? Makes you wonder who she's been hanging out with.

The government only wants what's best for us

Yikes, here's one you won't believe. Ms. Kristi Wachter said it's okay for psychiatry to lock up someone because -- get this -- there's "appropriate government overnight." Oh ouch . . . would you trust the government to oversee your psychiatric lock-up? Who is this woman working for anyway?

Listen to this

I'm finding some of the things Kristi Wachter says about psychiatry and psychology. She wrote that she thinks electric shock "can help people." Her words, not mine. Kristi, do you actually think it could help you?!

I was curious

In fact, the more I looked into this woman, I found it "curiouser and curiouser." It seems Kristi Wachter was actually trying to hide who she was when she first started going after Scientology. She was using the name "Jour"or something like that. Not really an honest, open communication would you say?

Why does Kristi hate Scientology?

And what have they done to her? Per her own admission, she only "dabbled"in Scientology for about a month. Hmmmm. So, she doesn't really even know what she's talking about . . . I'll be sharing with you what I find out about her.